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I was going to post a longer entry as well as review the latest episode of Doctor Who, Smile, but I took out the violin sometime after ten o' clock, looked up a little(?) bit later, and realized that it was already past midnight! I am so knackered now, and yet, still awake.

Definitely tomorrow though. I enjoyed Bill greatly, yet again, as well as her interaction with The Doctor, though there were a couple of things about the episode that I found a tad bizarre (aside from its feeling like a mash up of every dystopian episode in recent years complete with the colony/settlement looking a bit like an abandoned shopping arcade/mall).

I know I am not supposed to be paying too close attention to plots. ;P

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Apr. 25th, 2017 04:30 pm (UTC)
I know I am not supposed to be paying too close attention to plots. ;P

I think I wasn't. It wasn't a strong ep, but Bill and her interaction with the Doctor completely distracted me. XD
Apr. 26th, 2017 05:09 am (UTC)
Do not feel the need to respond to this mess XD
I think I might re-watch just to see their banter again. XD

I was fine until the end after the moralizing bit and then I was like, "Hang on a second. If they were treating the colonists like they were ill because they were grieving (which they registered as a disease), then why not isolate them first?? Is it standard procedure to kill the patient???" (Even with TB, you do not just eradicate people, you quarantine them.)

I also felt like the Doctor was saying that humans were responsible for programming them and so got what they deserved since they had to have their paradise at another creature's expense. And that those same creatures were not responsible for their actions despite being self-aware. It was a heavy-handed slavery metaphor which made me groan. (Not as compelling as the Ood.) How were they being oppressed? We just saw them working with the early settlers to plant things. I get how the mood monitors worked. Still. Did nobody ever get angry?? What did the robots think of that? "Oh this is like a really energetic violent sort of happy!" ????? ?????????

And you can't have it both ways. You are either self-aware or not. There was not even a negotiation. He just wiped them and basically said "They are innocent now! Don't hurt them. Good luck!" Yes, let's make the killer robots victims and then blame the colonists who lost their family for being stupid, spoiled and human.

I love how Bill is like, "are you sure it is going to be okay?". <333

And the little boy get over his mum being munched awfully quickly. Interesting premise but it was rushed. Not to go on. Woops. But I would also like to see more future humans who are not automatically aggressive and who also ask the right questions more often. If humans have to be dumbed down and turned into techno-savvy savages in order to make the Doctor look good when he swoops on in, it isn't saying much for him. :P

I wonder if the Doctor wiping memories is going to be a theme this season or rather the implications of him always having to meddle and to fix things. I mean, that has always been a theme really.

I am sure that if he tries to "hit the reset button" again, Bill will be like "Wooahh!!! Stop. This is not the solution to all problems."
Apr. 26th, 2017 09:05 am (UTC)
Re: Do not feel the need to respond to this mess XD
Haha, I actually love that people are talking about things here and DW again, so I'm absolutely going to respond. XD

Yeah, I feel the problem was once more that in an attempt to be surprising the actual plot suffered, because nothing really added up to the message they were apparently going for. Because like you say there were so many heavy handed metaphors here stacked on top of each other (slaves, emancipation, AI turning into a sentient species and the dangers of AI, slaughter over a cultural "misunderstanding" - is that what it was? - and the Doctor using a reset button to wave away the tension between the new species and the old, who will still remember that humans were slaughtered?) And, yeah, mile-wide plot holes there, because like you I can't imagine people not having been frustrated or angry at least a couple of times before grief hit like a plague. (Also... the plague analogy... Don't get me started, because if you are murdered for not being happy then grief is not the "plague" that kills you... And, wow, does that make me uncomfortable.)

I love how Bill is like, "are you sure it is going to be okay?"

I loved that too! Because it seemed like nothing really was okay and Bill is so refreshingly down to earth about it. I really like that about her.
May. 20th, 2017 06:57 pm (UTC)
Re: Do not feel the need to respond to this mess XD
You were so enthusiastic and then I disappeared. I am waiting for iTunes to let me know when I can watch the latest on this side of the pond. It looks Epic and it is only Ep 6?? If they are showing clips of Missy, then things are getting real pretty early on.

Loved the creature in the Thames episode. All of the dialogue was amazing! ;__; Oh Bill and 12. Spooky house was less so. Still loved their interactions though the plot felt weird. And, alrighty, folks. We get it. This season is about weird things eating people. Having said that, I really enjoyed the space episode. More lovely Bill-ness. I am really going to miss Twelve.

What are your thoughts on these latest eps?

*wanders off to go catch up on things*
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