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Book Overload!!!

I cannot believe that this has never before been the title for one of my journal entries.

I need to stop. Full stop. I am not spending loads of money or anything (these books range from $3-$5 used), but what with online book archives et al, I have about a couple dozen new books or something very near it (including the physical copies I have ordered). Can we say mental? It is all folklore, or essays on nature, or myths, or fairy tales. Did I mention that I ordered a rare book from the UK that is over a hundred years old (the actual copy)? It's for research. :P It wasn't expensive. Just, few people are all that interested in it.

What were you thinking, Erin?

I dunno.

Here is a Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell photo collage depicting my various mental states. You should go on iPlayer or the BBC Amercia site, or iTunes, or Amazon, or wherever and watch it. It's incredible. I think you can watch the first ep for free on Amazon?

So here is me acquiring said books:

Here is my mindset/raison d'etre:

And this is how I envision my nights perusing said, new found literature:

But actually, this is really me, completely bonkers, only with books:

I am dreaming frantically every night though I wake up with only scattered recollections. I think that last night I was wandering through a large house and there was something to do with gardens or improving them or making sure that everything was properly green and healthy. Or something. ??? And it was either the same house as a few(??) nights ago, or not. But it was very bright. Like every surface seemed to gleam with reflected sunlight (white wooden walls, marble floors, etc) and where was it coming from? It seemed to be shining down from someplace. I may have been talking in my sleep. I certainly remember muttering to myself in the dream. It was the sort of thing that happens when I am severely mentally preoccupied. It is probably all of these books that I am reading! In part...

I awoke at three in the morning. The mockingbird was still at it, but the road was completely still.

I need to use my blackboard more. Perhaps I should make a reading list. :S

We pre-ordered the DVD. :D... It comes out on August 11th!!!! Wow, to see it on a big screen. Though watching it IN HD on the computer with headphones is very intimate.

I will just leave this fanmade photo collage here. This was someone's pre-show visualization of bits of the book:

I am completely besotted with this show. Somebody please come talk to me about it. :P


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Apr. 24th, 2017 09:22 am (UTC)
God, I loved Jonathan Strange. My literary friend at work (a low-paid ward clerk who used to be a professional balloonist) gave me the book. Usually I can't get into fiction at all.
Apr. 24th, 2017 10:23 pm (UTC)
In a time of hyperbole, I can honestly say, it's the best!! I used to read it every Summer after it came out and somehow managed to be reading about the Peninsular War and hot marches across the continent when it was about a zillion degrees here. (A professional balloonist :D)

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