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'The universe is big. It's vast, and complicated...

...and ridiculous.

I was promised tea
5 September
Northern California

Was Denpagirl, still bonkers.

Hello, Livejournal, again.

Was at a dead end job, so I made plans to go back to school. I graduated with a degree in Comp Lit in 2006, a minor in French and knowledge of Latin, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Art and Art History. In other words, one of those liberal arts "what the hell are you going to do with that?" degrees that it was trendy to scoff at. :) Regardless, I'm very proud for having attained it. Was taking science classes up the street at the local community college in order to segue to medicine, but realized that it was not what I wanted to do and that I needed to live my own life for me.

It turns out that writing bizarre stories and studying music are the things I love to do most.

See above for one of my current obsessions. Music has been a lifelong obsession, but now I am dedicated to becoming seriously proficient. Going back to basics and polishing everything up.

I love meeting new people on here as well as reconnecting with old friends (where are you guys??), so drop me a line and feel free to friend me! :)
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books & shows
**Under Construction while I list everything on my five bookshelves. I like dense literature, fairytales, sci-fi, fantasy, anything with magic, creepy things, comics, weird stuff, illustrated books, and boarding school novellas. I am a big fan of Doctor Who and have been for years. I like Game of Thrones, the books, the tv series not so much. I used to watch Merlin, still tune into Sherlock when it's on. I like crime dramas but more in the Elementary or Inspector Lewis vein. British television is a thing. There's not much I watch on an actual tv anymore except for Elementary, The Flash, and Agents of SHIELD.
current obsessions
+ Piano
+ Russian
+ Prokofiev
+ Doctor Who
+ Boarding School Novellas
+ Music Theory
+ Rufous Hummingbirds
+ Captain America & Marvelverse
+Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell (!!!)
+ In The Flesh

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My favorite element is:

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