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Piano magic

June 2015

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Misty Autumn Woods

[sticky post] Friending

Banner made by me because I am freaking obsessed with Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, again.

Updated on April 11th 2015

Degree in Comp Lit and assorted languages. Writer, would-be composer, weirdo, wood nymph. I have been working on a novel for a couple of years, now with adjacent tunes. I've decided that the only way to approach my life now as it is is to take a great, big leap and hope for either a net or the ability to float down safely onto the balls of my feet.

I live with a rather naughty ginger cat. Is there any other kind?

I love tea, loose leaf teas, teas in sachets, all sorts of teas and COFFEE. The more legally, addictive stimulants, the merrier! I possibly own too many books.

Music is my life.

If you've somehow wondered across my journal and you don't mind some fandom flailing, random daily life ramblings, and piano/music madness, please feel free to friend me! Things that I like to jaw about are under the "current obsessions" and other headers in my profile banner thingy. I like poking fun at the ridiculous so sometimes I post about some seemingly random encounter though it's in a spirit of fun. I babble about birds, trees, clouds and the weather a fair bit also though not for pages.


Ok so aside from Doctor Who (sorry), you are basically me (or my ideal version of me). Add and be friends?
Gender queer, piano AND Severus Snape are in your interests and you ran into my journal? That's spooky!
Pleased to make your acquaintance. :)

...I wish I had thought of "mix tapes" as an interest, but there's a 150 interest limit, which is good because I'd be ridiculous and have more.
Hey! :) This is AFrozenFlower from DW.
Oh hey! :)
Weirdly LJ is not notifying when some people add me. Wait a sec, those are the same people not showing on the flist feed. Hmm!
Added you back. :)
Are you still taking up new friends? I'm keen to chat if you are as a fellow writer and who lover!
Absolutely! :)
Added you back!